Want to Increase productivity? Take a break!

© Rosemary Williams, RW Coaching

When starting my business someone told me to book a holiday before anything else.

‘’What!?’’ I thought. I am too busy wearing so many ‘hats’!

‘’When can I possibly take a break?’’

Many of us feel like this, no matter what our role at work, or the nature of our business. Sometimes a few minutes ‘time out’ or a day off is enough. A quiet moment at the start of the day for a drink of water may give us some time to think and help the brain function better. During and after work you might grab some longer pauses for comfort breaks and lunchtime. This will help to release endorphins which make you feel good, more relaxed and less stressed.

‘’Where do I take a break?’’ 

Find a space away from your desk. Go for a walk outside. Chat to colleagues or meet friends and family. Those who over-work want to be seen as busy in order to gain recognition, promotion and satisfaction - actually they are often over-looked because they are seen as inefficient.

 ‘’Why should I have a break?’’  

Energy naturally rises and falls during the day. You should ensure that you and your employees take the breaks to which you are all entitled, in order to reduce mistakes, illness and absenteeism. Productivity is increased after a break and the brain becomes more creative when relaxed.

Taking regular breaks, including your full holiday entitlement, can link to increased fitness and greater job satisfaction. Unsatisfied staff are less productive, affect others or may leave, causing a drop in productivity as new staff are interviewed, recruited and inducted.

There is legislation in place and guidance available to help, plus processes and procedures can create a happier, healthier workforce.

If you are feeling tired from juggling all the hats you have to wear at work, maybe a ‘holiday hat’ would boost the creativity, productivity and health in your business. Would you like to find time for a break and increase your productivity? Give me a call and I’d be happy to help.

                                           © Rosemary Williams, RW Coaching