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There are books and articles which include ‘Thank-you’ and today I am sharing some of my thoughts.

Many people have helped to reach where I am today. Saying ‘’Thank-you ‘’ is a way of expressing feelings of gratitude or appreciation for something received or that will be received. Not only is it polite to express thankfulness but also there is an expectation. It evokes strong emotions, which creates good feelings and has a therapeutic effect, on both parties. This leads to building stronger relationships. Are you sharing or withholding your feelings?

When some-one is saying something about you, listen and say thank-you for their comments as it will stop you from as interrupting, denying and dismissing them. An opportunity to learn more about yourself will be gained. Listening to the compliments and accepting with good grace or to the comments can help you to identify your strong and weak points. Are you missing this opportunity by ‘shooting the messenger’ as you are too  scared to hear about yourself?

Perhaps you don’t agree with them, think it is a way to rile you or that they are wrong. Saying thank-you is can be disarming, stops the attack and avoids an argument. Have the confidence to let go of wanting to win, be right or add what they have said.  Be aware of your tone of voice, as you may have heard thank-you said in a way to highlight some-one else’s impoliteness but it actually does not reflect well on you.

On balance you will gain more through giving more thanks than criticism. Delaying until the prefect moment may mean you don’t express your thanks as it may never come. Also, you can be thought more of if you express your gratitude. It warm the relationship and increases communication.

Admitting you needed help by expressing thanks can be humbling. Does this make you feel submissive? Help, however small, can make a big difference, so thank those people through saying or writing it. Remember letters and cards are rarer these days, so can be seen as more special. Remind people how worthwhile what they are doing is. Do you regret not thanking them enough?  

Saying thank-you can politely signal the drawing to the end of a conversation, meeting or telephone call as it creates closure. 

Please let me know what you have to say about this one and any topics you would like me to include in future.

                                   © Rosemary Williams, RW Coaching