Rosemary is so very calming and structured which brought the perfect balance needed to my somewhat chaotic and hyperactive business and lifestyle. She is wise, knowledgeable and a resource of information and connections.

Her methods get to the route of the problem and her plans and outline help you see the steps to the bigger picture and dreams from where you are right now.

Stefani Ernst 'Be You Beautiful' - March 2016



Wow. One session with Rosemary and I have a work life balance! 

Rosemary through coaching has helped me establish a routine that has enabled me to manage my working days so much more effectively. 
I feel more relaxed yet more productive and more in control. The result in my relationships both at home and in the work place have improved immediately. 
Thank you for helping me get myself back! You are very gifted at what you do, and I will be recommending you to anyone that needs some guidance and help.

Melinda Bush - March 2015

 Quartz Financial


‘’ Your presentation helped to focus everyone's attention on the tasks to be done.’’

May 2015 

  "Thankfully Rosemary was on hand to offer gentle guidance and support. We started by evaluating my work-life balance, and putting in place ways to improve this. Over the course of several sessions across the past six months, Rosemary has helped me find a simple way to analyse Return on investment for my business to aid better decision-making processes. She has helped build my confidence by taking me through an exercise to assess and better communicate the value I bring to my business. 

We have also worked on further developing my communication skills, prioritising and assessing opportunities for developing my business, and aligning daily activity to meet my longer-terms goals, plus much more! 

I am grateful to Rosemary for all her support and encouragement, listening ear and insight. I highly recommend to her any other business people going through similar periods of change, or times of challenge. Rosemary is passionate about developing business people to help them grow their businesses. She is very well-informed about current business trends and opportunities and is so well-networked – she knows someone who can help in any scenario where she can’t directly offer expertise herself.

In addition to working with Rosemary through one-to-one business coaching, I have enjoyed attending her solution-focused practical workshops and business discussion group. These have been useful for staying up to date on emerging trends, meeting new contacts and thinking more creatively about how to address issues that have been relevant to my business. "

November 2013 Anwen Cooper a client

Get Fruitful Marketing - Anwen Cooper 

 "I recently completed a nine day course over 9 months called Smarter Working Selling Skills with Rosemary (Coach/Mentor) and Adrian Wood (Sales expert). This course was very detailed and intensive covering each individual process of selling from the initial beginning of a sale to the after sale and beyond!. I gained valuable knowledge from the course even though I have been involved in management of a business for many years .Rosemary is an extremely effective and encouraging person who brings out the best in people. I have no hesitation in recommending or referring Rosemary (and often do) to anyone asking me for the name of a great personal or business development coach/mentor."

Ocotber 2014 Maureen Johnson a Client

A1amzing Roofing - Maureen Johnson

 "Rosemary immediately sets you at ease on meeting her. She is personable, friendly and her wealth of knowledge, contacts, advice, suggestions etc were second to none. She definately inspired me to think out of the box and I would certainly have to hesitation in recommending her to others"

March 2014 Kay Burden a Client

Caring with Confidence - Kay Burden 

''Thank-you for such an informative seminar yesterday, I found it both interesting and instructive.''

January 15 2014 MM

''Knowledgeable, understanding and passionate, Rosemary has all the tools on how to assist with maximizing your potential in what ever field you are in. She is a great listener and gives you a greater inner confidence. I would highly recommend Rosemary.''

January 4 2014 Michael Whamond

Ability Outlet - Michael Johnson



 '' Rosemary is an excellent business coach. She is focused on her client and them getting the best results from coaching. She has made me think outside the box and be more creative with my choices. Thanks Rosemary. Liz :o)''

May 21 2013

''A lovely meeting with Rosemary Williams today to help me prioritize the actions I need to take to develop my business''

May 2, 2013 Beverley Adams-Reynolds

Medway Council -Beverley Adams-Reynolds

''During our meeting you gave me an insight into my own fears, specifically with the problem I have with cold calling, and helped me to see there is less to fear than I thought. I have taken your guidance on board and will use new techniques when I next need to cold call! You also sparked some new ideas in me which i am keen to develop for my business. Much thanks.

April 25 2013 Iain Robertson

Home office - Iain Robertson

''I recently attended a seminar on Business Image and Impact run by Rosemary. Although only a short seminar, the information was well presented and thought-provoking. I learned a number of useful tips that will prove helpful in developing my photography business in future. Thanks Rosemary for your help.''

March 27, 2013 Pete Bresser

Photographer - Pete Bresser

"Rosemary, through gentle encouragement gave me the ability and strength to draw from within, energy, vision and just one session I felt more confident, and at ease presenting my business."

November 26 2012 Benita Lee-Adler


''Fab 1-1 coaching on"Presentations Skills"........cant wait to put it into practice! ''

September 2012 

''Rosemary has helped me many times over the year I have known her and always been able to offer very insightful advice and see great business opportunities in almost any situation. Rosemary is always very professional, friendly, personable and would make a fantastic part of any business model.''

October 3rd, 2012 Geoff Watkins

driver training - Geoff Watkins

''I have known Rosemary for some time and as a career coach provides simple steps to take to get a deeper understanding of how to handle many situations whether personal or business. If you have any problems be it from confidence to problems with your business, Rosemary will help you achieve the outcome you desire.''

September 27, 2012 Grace Kelly, Director, 21st Century Carpets

21C Carpets - Grace Kelly

''Rosemary's advice and coaching techniques have had a direct effect on my ability to secure appointments. I would highly recommend one of her seminars to anyone wanting to increase their powers of persuasion!''

September 17, 2012 Virginia Chattaway

Utility Warehouse - Virginia Chattaway

''Rosemary is a genuinely lovely person who is an excellent coach who can bring out the best in people and get the brain cells working. A course I recently did was very beneficial to me and an extremely positive experience and would recommend her courses to everyone.''

September 12, 2012 Liane Bayliss, Sales Manager, The Best Western Russell Hotel

Best Western - Liane Bayliss

“Rosemary is empathetic and knowledgeable in this subject area. She relates to the challenges that many managers have. It is great to have someone like this to work with.”

May 27, 2012 2nd Stephen Terrell, Director, TR Systems Ltd

''Rosemary is a positive person with a passion for coaching and a desire to help small business owners move their business forward by enabling them to recognise and build on the behaviors that are effective and revise those that are not.

I have observed Rosemary coaching at the T/W Association for Coaching Co-Coaching Forum. Rosemary skillfully uses questions to enable the coachee see what had previously been unseen. The coachee is then able to make decisions that will improve their business performance.''

May 8, 2102 Caroline Hart, Co-Coaching Forum Facilitator, Association for Coaching

Runway Training - Caroline Hart

“I have got to know, value and really appreciate Rosemary (the human being) on a networking circuit in Kent. She always reflects clarity plus a warm and positive mindset when projecting her personality or business aspirations to whoever she comes into contact with.”

April 25, 2012 2nd  John Burley, Founder of Change-Ability Professional Coaching & Mentoring and Avatar Master, Change-Ability Coaching

 “Rosemary is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and clearly an expert in her field. I have recommended Rosemary and her services and would have no hesitation in recommending her again in the future.”

July 5, 2011 1st Michael Welton, Director, Affinity Wealth Solutions Limited

St James Place - Michael Welton